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Agent Live 360, The First Publicly Offered Software For Sports Agents

Trevor Swenson, talent agent and CEO of Dynamic Talent International, designed Agent Live 360 (AL360) to help agents in the sports industry track their business. In the music industry, Swenson used a CRM software called Tempo, and was surprised to find out that many of his sports counterparts relied on spreadsheets for tracking and maintaining their information.

In 2019, he and Ramin Sobbi of UGO Media developed the sports platform. In April 2020, the platform was launched and sold 100 licenses in its first four weeks of availability.

The platform costs between $75-$345 per month depending on the number of users and whether the billing is monthly or annually. Swenson says that many large agencies in the sports sector are already clients. “Our system essentially keeps track of everything, all the way from recruiting to signing when they’re professionals,” Swenson said in a statement to SportTechie.

AL360 highlights its ability to provide a collaborative workflow, track earnings and expenses, and manage a player’s information from college to professional. Having that type of sensitive information being protected was a focal point for Swenson and the team. The program is protected by military grade encryptions, and they are working on adding a notification that informs the admin when a screenshot is made on the message board. Additional tasks the platform can be used for includes:

    - Recruiting notes
    - Player/Client stats
    - Draft position notes
    - Player family information
    - ROI on player recruiting and company expenses
    - Amount brought in from player commissions
    - All high school, collegiate, & professional team contacts
    - In company messaging system.
    - Data exportation of all information entered in the system 
    - 100% mobile phone usable

As Swenson continues to get feedback from heavy hitters in the industry, AL360 is constantly updating and evolving. Recently, the platform has integrated QuickBooks Intuit API for streamlining information from current programs being used. Paul Sheehy, founder and president of the ProStar Sports Agency, said in a statement to SportTechie that the platform should make his business processes “incredibly more efficient.” There are about 12 versions already on the planning board, with version 3 scheduled to release soon.

The promising feedback is represented in the numbers as well, Swenson states that they have over 200 subscribers and over 50 % conversion rate from trial users. Even though the product is new to the market, AL360 is seeing a 100% retention rate. Helping agents understand their business in its entirety was the goal of creating AL360, Swenson shared that “90 percent of agents does not know how much they spent on a player.” An issue that is addressed with the programs ability to label and assign expenses to a specific client.

So where does Swenson see AL360 going in the future? “1,000 new subscribers a month.” said Swenson. A goal that does not seen so far fetch considering the current clients and positive feedback, with marketing being a few e-mail blasts. In addition, with the target market being niche compared to other CRM programs, Swenson has started the groundwork for working with the NCAA on offering a collegiate version of the program to assist colleges with recruiting as well.