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Rockets’ Forward Jeff Green Has Joined Glushon Sports Management

Glushon Sports Management has announced the signing of Rockets’ Forward Jeff Green.  Green, 33, is currently on a veteran’s minimum salary that expires at the end of this season. For the 2019-20 season, Green is averaging 11 PPG and 3 RPG, shooting 39.1% from the arc. Green has been an integral part for the Rockets as Mike D’Antoni has completely converted to a small ball lineup.

Originally Green joined the Rockets on a 10-day contract, performed well and was signed for the remainder of the season. Green has shown the ability to not only stretch the floor and effectively guard the opposing teams’ forwards and centers. It is likely that the Rockets look to secure him to a long-term deal.

Green leaves Falk Associates Management Enterprises for Glushon Sports Management who currently represents players such as Jaylen Brown, Al Horford and Jrue Holiday.