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Interview With The Agent: Quality Control Sports Alex Cotto

This “Interview With The Agent” features MLB agent Alex Cotto. Alex Cotto has over a decade of MLB experience and has successfully negotiated (along with his colleague Charisse Dash) notable MLB players contracts including Chicago White Sox infielder Yoan Moncada’s 5 year, 70-million-dollar deal. Alex Cotto sat down to talk about his career, his new position as VP of Baseball Operations at Quality Control Sports, and his aspirations for the agency.

Alex Tetmyer: How did you get into the career of being a baseball/MLB agent?

Alex Cotto: Originally my career started with working on the player development side in 2004. I started interning with the New York Mets in the player development and game day operations department. I was in this position for about a year and half. Then I got another position offer in the media relations department for the New York Yankees. In 2007, I was promoted to assistant director of international operations for the Yankees, with me basically overseeing the day-to-day operations of the team’s international academy in the Dominican Republic. In addition, I was a part of the clubs international scouting department which led to significant prospects playing for the Yankees such as Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, amongst many others. 

In March 2015, I landed a position with the Atlanta Braves, basically in the same position as the New York Yankees except I had more day-to-day responsibilities with the general manager and assistant general manager. In 2017, I resigned from the Braves and soon after linked up with agent Charisse Dash, whom I have known for many years. She brought me in as a partner for the Movement Management Group and that is when I worked as a full-time agent. Soon after, my first signing for the agency was Jorge Mateo of the San Diego Padres.

Alex Tetmyer: How did you enter Quality Control Sports, and can you explain their shift into the sports agency sector?

Alex Cotto: It’s pretty well-known around the world who Quality Control music is and the level of professionalism they bring within the culture. So being part of their sports department, it’s pretty exciting because you’re being supported by something top-notch and being backed up by the best in the business. The one thing I have appreciated is the open-door policy to talk to the CEO and have discussions about business that in some organizations, due to the different leadership levels, I might not get that chance to. We have brought in top talent like Yoan Moncada that I helped recruit along with Charisse. With Quality Control that is exactly what we are trying to do, sign quality not quantity. We are trying to focus on the top tier talent because at the end of the day that is what Quality Control stands for.

Alex Tetmyer: What is specifically your role day-to-day at Quality Control Sports?

Alex Cotto: Right now, my role is Vice President of Baseball Operations and I work hand in hand with Charisse Dash who is the head of the department. Together, we strategize and plan our recruitment, retaining of clients, and planning for the future of our clients. If we can help our guys plan for when they finish baseball, that is all the better. We are not trying to create short term relationships, we are trying to create long term relationships with these guys that when they’re done, they know that they had great representation and a good friend who always told them the truth. That is something that I think is very rare in this industry is agents being upfront and honest with their clients. I come from a baseball side; I haven’t always been an agent. I have been in the front office and been in those meetings with players. So, when I talk to the players, I am very black and white with them. If they are not doing right or they need to step it up, I am very honest with them. I believe that’s why they gravitate towards me because they know I am blunt but know it’s whats best for everyone and why I have so much respect for the players. I always try to be upfront in this game and I think it will benefit the company and relationships with the players in the long run.

Alex Tetmyer: What’s your aspirations as an agent and for Quality Control Sports for the next 5-10 years?

Alex Cotto: Our goal is to make Quality Control Sports a household name. This is not a hobby for everyone involved. We are taking this venture very seriously and I don’t think there is any other company out there like this. We are predominantly made up of black and brown people who are so involved in the culture that we really understand where these international players and US players come from. Players from the suburbs, inner cities, third world countries are like every person in the Quality Control Sports office. We all come from a background like that so, we take a lot of pride in what we do. In five years, I would like to say we are the best company out here. We want to put the best possible product out there for the guys.

*Special note from Alex Cotto: I am very grateful for all the people who have helped me along the way. All the people who mentored me, taught me to become a professional and a standup individual. I am very appreciative for the guidance and assistance. To my family, everything I do is for you all and I will continue to do my best to make you proud. 

Below is a breakdown of Charisse Dash and Alex Cotto’s MLB players contract signings that they negotiated. In addition, here are links to Quality Control Sports, Alex Cotto, and Charisse Dash social media accounts for further information.

Yoan Moncada Deal: 5 years/70 million dollars (14 million dollars AAV)

Robel Garcia Deal: 1 year/$550,000

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Quality Control Sports || Instagram: @qcsports

Alex Cotto || Instagram: @ac_qcsports   Twitter: @ac_qcsports

Charisse Dash || Instagram: @charissedash