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Excel Sports Management Announces the Excel Fellowship Program

Excel Sports Management has just announced the creation of their new program, the Excel Fellowship Program. This innovative initiative showcases the company’s commitment towards cultivating a more inclusive workplace. The Excel Fellowship Program aims not only to spread awareness about a lack of diversity in the sports industry, but to also be a leader in solving the issue.

The description of the program is as follows:

“As a company, we have made a commitment to create a more diverse workforce, not only within our own walls, but across the sports industry as a whole. We have worked to bring that commitment to life in a number of ways, and are excited to launch our newest initiative, the Excel Fellowship program.

The Excel Fellowship will provide an opportunity for an exceptional individual from an underrepresented group the chance to gain unmatched experience and exposure to key areas of our business and industry.  This isn’t about getting a front row seat, it’s about playing meaningful minutes in the game. Over the course of a year, the Excel Fellow will serve a three-month term with four different departments, acting as a fully-integrated member of our staff.  There will be unfettered access to mentorship and networking opportunities to ensure a strong foundation for a long and successful career in the sport industry.

The fellowship is a one-year, salaried position that will begin on June 1st.”

More information regarding the preferred qualifications and how to apply are listed on their website.

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