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Joshua Ebrahim Starts AI Powered Sports Platform: ProFitX

After spearheading the basketball division at Rosenhaus Sports Representation, Joshua Ebrahim left his position 18 months ago to embark on his new venture called ProFitX. His new technology, the NBA Athledex empowers the sports ecosystem to make smarter, faster, and more data-driven decisions with the first-ever comprehensive real-time financial and performance sports index powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Ebriham saw numerous problems in the marketplace such as transparency and lack of innovative financial and performance metrics. ProFitX aims to change those problems through their proprietary Athledex platform, which is designed with the Front-Office Optics feature. This feature will display 17 visual and time-series models with a database of 500+ NBA athletes and is powered by a real-time contract value integrated with the athlete’s performance and medical history.

Talking to Ebrahim, he gives an overlay to how ProFitX technology can help agents and general managers in the contract negotiation process. Ebrahim says “It’s a ‘moneyball’ in a box. When I look at the data that is out there, it doesn’t tell me the story of that player from a business perspective, because that’s what professional sports is, business.

Shown Above: NBA Athledex analysis of player contracts

Athletes need to know what they are worth and where they can maximize their value. Not every guy is going to get max money because of the cap. Our real-time contract value is not biased toward the athlete or the team, we have no skin in the game except creating transparency. It is pure data that is fair and consistent for every athlete and team that creates a real-time contract value as a baseline. Being able to access the AI insights on athlete performance, development trajectory, potential projections, identifying the optimal team fit, and evaluating current and future contract values can only benefit both parties in negotiations”. 

For professional teams, the leverage in negotiations is with them 90 percent of the time. Teams are always going to try to pay the lowest amount possible for an athlete and hope he over performs on a team friendly deal to keep cap flexibility. Teams know what they can pay an athlete and what they actually want to pay him, and there’s a big difference between the two. 

Set to launch to market in a couple of weeks following beta testing and pilot programs, ProFitX is offering early access currently. Ebrahim created the Athledex for anyone in the sports ecosystem. Ebrahim plans to invest resources into his R & D department and is launching the NCAA, FIFA, and NFL Athledex by the end of Summer 2021.

About the CEO: Joshua Ebriham 

Hired as VP of Basketball Operations for NFL Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus for his new basketball division. Built the RSR Basketball Division into a powerhouse negotiating $30,000,000 in NBA contracts and representing 8 NBA athletes during his tenure.

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