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Super Agent Rich Paul Starts Marketing Agency “Adopt”, Along With Former Nike Executives

Rich Paul is starting a new company to help generate additional branding and marketing opportunities. Paul is partnering with several Nike alumni, including David Creech, who has worked on branding with athletes such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Kobe Bryant.

Creech is joined by Nicole Graham, who served as VP of Global Marketing at Nike, and Josh Moore, who worked in Creative and Design roles at Nike.

Adopt will use its reach to advise other companies and startups on how to increase branding and marketing opportunities, specifically in the sports and wellness industry. In an interview, Creech told CNBC “There is this opportunity we believe that exists in the sports and wellness space that we can come in, identify and uncover market opportunities.”

It seems to be a great time to enter the sports and wellness industry. Many fanbases will soon be able to attend in-person events again, and that will open up plenty of opportunities to expand branding and marketing campaigns. Rich Paul, who signed LeBron James to a lifetime contract for $1 billion, certainty has the connections necessary to make these campaigns happen – and he is joined by former employees of an incredibly creative company.