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There’s a New Agent in Town: Deshaun Harris

Deshaun Harris is not your typical sports agent. Harris is the Founder and CEO of Intrusive Sports Agency, an agency which specializes in basketball with talent such as Dikymbe Martin and other prospects for the 2021 NBA Draft class. He is also the brother to Dominick Harris, Freshman Guard at Gonzaga University. Harris attributes his innate drive of leading others from both of his parents as the son of former veteran and current Dean of Athletics at Westcliff University as well as a former Fortune 100 executive.

Harris turned down offers from conglomerate agencies to fulfill his purpose and pursue his own enterprise. As of now, he has a handful of clients he intends to grow after the upcoming draft.

“After graduating with my Masters, I was able to work at the UCLA Pro Runs which showed me the nuances of the business side of sports. Being there, along with some of the world’s greatest players, I recognized the glaring inequities in the space, ranging from their teams, their representation and how they are treated.” Harris said.

While his business production continues to excel, it is impossible to tell the Harris’ story without mentioning his inclination for helping others. He holds the origin to his obligation for community service from his family’s previous experience in the non-profit sector and compensating travel basketball expenses for over 80 underprivileged families in California. Harris has since then cultivated a plethora of relationships and fulfilling his purpose and obligation for providing proper representation to athletes.  

As of now, he is currently on the mission to expanding black representation in sports. “It’s really something seeing the contrast between race in representation and its athletes. For sports such as football and basketball, we’re considered the majority, but the representation is not there.” Harris said. In response, he launched the Joyce Harris-Cottman Externship Program, partnering with University of California, San Diego and Texas Southern University’s Thurgood Marshall School of Law (HBCU) with the mission of educating and providing students an opportunity to penetrate the sports agency market.

Deshaun Harris is something of unordinary. His passion for sports and purpose for guiding others to achieving their goals is something which should be seen as an example. And he sure intends to make his presence one which is intrusive.

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