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QC Sports Takes On The NFL

QC Sports, which is an extension of the dominant record label Quality Control Music is now making entry into NFL player representation. QC has recently acquired Terra Firma Sports Management, the agency operated by NFL certified agent Brad Cicala.

Cicala is an veteran agent who will now become QC’s managing partner of football. This move includes adding Cicala’s roster of 14 over to QC. The players include Los Angeles Rams Wide Receiver DeSean Jackson, Steelers Running Back Benny Snell Jr., and New York Giants Wide Receiver John Ross III.

Quality Control Music has had a lot of success in the music industry with artist such as Lil Baby, City Girls and Migos. Cicala hopes to tap into the reach and resources QC has with media and marketing and be able to help his clients expand their brands. “It allows them to do stuff outside of football that I couldn’t have brought to the table on my own,” Cicala said.

QC Sports adding a football division and sights set on adding a basketball division will allow them to continue to build their empire.

Cicala is a respected and knowledgeable agent. He will still operate out of Columbus, Ohio. Cicala enjoys working with clients even after they retire to continue to grow their brands.

QC has plans to be active in the 2022 NFL Draft in Las Vegas.