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Excel Sports Management Acquires Block Six Analytics

Excel Sports Management has acquired Block Six Analytics (B6A), which is an industry leading data insight and partnership valuation company. This acquisition adds a dedicated business intelligence function to the agency, integrating bespoke data and analytics solutions into the core of the agency’s work.

This acquisition will allow Excel to offer in-house solutions that apply proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence to develop a wide array of sponsorship, endorsement and valuation insights across all marketing channels. Excel will employ a full suite of specialized services and business solutions that support its property, brand and talent clients in driving revenue.

Some key offerings will include:

  • Holistic Sponsorship Valuation
  • Audience Composition
  • Brand Exposure
  • Media and Social Analysis
  • Influencer Insights
  • Intellectual Property
  • Player Valuation Analysis

Block Six Analytics closed a seed round of investment at the end of 2016 and raised $4 million overall. The advisory board for the company features David Falk, Mark French and Chuck Baker. Some other key investors include Bowery Capital, Advancit Capital, Phoenix Sports Partners, Stadia Ventures, The Player’s Impact and former NFL player turned analyst Matt Hasselback.

The business intelligence and analytics practice will be based in Chicago under the direction of Tuck Burch, Head of Brand Marketing at Excel. The new Chicago office will house a number of other key Excel business lines as the agency continues to expand. Excel currently has offices in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

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