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NBPA Announces New Executive Director

The NBPA welcomed the successor to Executive Director Michele Roberts: Tamika Tremaglio. Tremaglio, formerly Managing Principal at Deloitte, has over nine years of experience with the NBPA, acting as an advisor and consultant.

Tremaglio holds both an MBA and JD, has fifteen years of experience working with several player associations, led over 14,000 employees in the Washington D.C. area, and contributed to the previous WNBA CBA. Current President, Michele Roberts, has already publicly stated her support for Tremaglio. “I know she cares about the players… [I] take solace in knowing the NBPA is in extremely capable hands.” Roberts said.

Word of Tremaglio headlining the list of candidates made news earlier yesterday from Marc Stein and was officially announced through Adrian  Wojnarowski.

The NBPA has made a series of changes in power the past few months. In August, former Player President, Chris Paul, stepped down from the position which was quickly filled by Portland Trailblazer’s guard, CJ McCollum. McCollum has also endorsed Tremaglio, stating she has “been by our side for many years.”

Tremaglio and the NBPA will be the main focus coming 2023, when the new CBA will be implemented.