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Yasiel Puig No Longer Represented by Luba Sports

Current MLB free agent, Yasiel Puig, has elected to no longer be represented by Rachel Luba of Luba Sports.

“I appreciate Rachel’s efforts on my behalf over the past year,” said Puig. “She is a wonderful person and an extremely talented and knowledgeable agent. I wish her nothing but the best.” This major change for one of the top ball players won’t just effect Puig himself, but on those who like to place some money on the outcome of something like the World Series. It’s not simply a question of going with a different agent for any baseball player, but how that relationship will affect their performances going forward. Online sportsbooks will take notice of performances, especially, and even something seemingly as small as changing agents can upend all expectations.

The Cuban-born professional baseball player will still work with his right hand adviser, Lisette Carnet, the first female Cuban-American MLBPA Certified Agent. Carnet has worked with Yasiel since before her time serving as his co-agent with Luba Sports.

“I have a vision for the remainder of my career, and I want to take full control of my path as an athlete,” said Puig. “It’s important to me to align with advocates that understand my culture and my origins firsthand. These people are bridges that help me continue to assimilate and make the best decisions for my career and family.”

Lisette Carnet, who used to lead the Latin Division at Luba Sports, has played a remarkably contributory role in helping Puig realize his recent personal and professional milestones essential for him to achieve another successful bid in Major League Baseball. The former All-Star is preparing to return to the MLB in 2022 after earning 2021 Defensive Player of the Year in the Mexican Baseball League. Puig accumulated over 3,000 at-bats in the Major Leagues from 2013-19 and has posted a career .277 batting average thus far.