Ryan Mallett Draft Profile

QB Ryan Mallett ~ Arkansas

Height – 6’7”
Weight – 253
Arm Length – 34 3/8 inches
Hand size – 10 ¾ inches

Career Statistics
2007 (Michigan) – 61 of 141, 892 yards, 43.3%, 7 tds 5 ints
2008 – Transfered
2009 – 225 of 403, 3627 yards, 55.8%, 30 tds 7 ints
2010 – 266 of 411, 3869 yards, 64.7%, 32 tds 12 ints

Notable career accomplishments & awards
*2006 Gatorade Player of the Year in Texas
*Completed 21 of 24 passes (87.5%) in 2010; an Arkansas school record
*2009 & 2010 All-SEC second team
*2010 Liberty Bowl MVP
*Matched or broke 16 Arkansas records in 2009

My take
Mallet is a huge quarterback even by today’s standards at 6-7 253 pounds. He has a howitzer for an arm and can put a soft touch on his deep balls. As with most guys that can rifle the ball around the field, Mallett has been known to take more chances then the average quarterback. He is the most talented passer in this draft. There are no doubts about his on the field leadership qualities either, his red flags are mainly based off things outside of football. He was pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge on April 3, 2009 for public intoxication and has been said to have some sort of drug addiction. As far as anyone nows these are only rumors. I can’t tell you his film study habits exactly, all I can go off of is the film and games I have studied of him and that is what I base all my rankings on. My biggest concern about his football acumen is his inconsistency with decision making. This will be corrected by dedication in the film room on the next level as well as going somewhere where he can learn from a veteran. If he can get coached up and dedicate everything towards film study, this guy can be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in a few years. Mallett is the definition of a potential big risk having a big reward. I’ve always liked to say, “Sometimes the biggest risk isn’t taking one.”

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