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Sign Here Please: Are NFL Contracts Getting Harder to Negotiate?

Finally! Three months after the 2010 NFL Draft, the first contract for a first-round draft pick has been signed. On July 22nd, Dez Bryant, the 24th overall pick, reached an agreement with the Dallas Cowboys for a five year contract worth up to $11.8 million, including $8.5 million guaranteed. According to the National Football Post, […]

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Limited Time Offer From Chris Bosh

After a brilliant legal victory last year by attorneys at Winston & Strawn LLP against Zavala and, Chris Bosh’s nickname went from “CB4” to “cyber-hero” to many loyal fans and those in the Internet community.  If you do not remember the lawsuit or the previous post on,  here is a quick review. On […]

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Labor Relations in the NFL: The Impact of the Uncapped Year

Since the 1993 NFL season, the league has had been fortunate enough to maintain stable and successful labor relations, extending the CBA five consecutive times and avoiding a work stoppage since 1987, but will that streak end this year?  NFL owners appear willing to lock out their players in 2011 if an impasse is reached […]

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Recap: 2010 UF Sports Law Symposium

With the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl XLIV in Florida this year, it is hard to imagine any more star power in the Sunshine State.  However, the 2010 UF Sports Law Symposium defied the norm and did exactly that, bringing some of the top names in the sports industry to Gainesville. The symposium was titled […]

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The World Series Defense

The New York Yankees have won their 27th World Series championship and are now looking to lock up some key free agents in hopes of defending the trophy. However, the title of this article has nothing to do with the Yankees defending their title and winning number twenty-eight. Those of you who watch the show […]

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Vick Can Keep The Falcon$ Money

On Tuesday November 1oth, the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals  affirmed Judge David Doty’s previous order against the NFL.  The court affirmed the previous judge’s ruling and declared that Mike Vick‘s contract should remain under Doty’s oversight. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello mentioned that Doty’s ruling on Vick’s bonuses was upheld in large part because the […]

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Jordan’s Heir Still Wears the Air Jordan

New details have arisen regarding a previous post: Would Jordan Ever Wear Adidas Shoes. After the incident became public, Marcus still refused to wear the team’s Adidas brand shoes on the court. With Marcus continuing to wear his father’s Nike’s, the University of Central Florida is clearly in breach of the contract. Adidas and UCF […]

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Would Jordan Ever Wear Adidas Shoes?

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, is already causing commotion at the University of Central Florida.  According to the AP, the Freshman has  refused to wear the team’s Adidas brand shoes when he steps on the court this season.  Marcus will only rock his fathers Nike Air Jordan shoes because “it holds special meaning to his family.” […]

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The Phillies Get Defeated

After a 8-6 win in game one of the NLCS last night, the defending World Series Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies, haven’t had to deal with many defeats this season…until last week.  They were defeated by a 12 year old girl for possession of Ryan Howard’s 200th home run ball. If you haven’t heard about the […]

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D-Rose Budding

The picture to the right was taken of Derrick Rose during his one and only year as a Memphis Tiger. The quotes below show the 20 year old taking accountability for his actions and owning up for a dumb picture that he took in college. To me this sounds like an incident where Rose was partying […]