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Bernie Lee’s Client’s Wife Wants Half Of His Commission

Bernie Lee, a basketball agent who has been featured on this blog in the past, is now the defendant in a pending lawsuit.  On November 15, the Complaint in the case of Ashley Merritt v. Bernie Lee was filed in a circuit court in the state of Wisconsin (full Complaint is attached at the bottom of […]

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Don’t Touch My Recruits…or I’ll Sue

The New York Supreme Court (which for all of our non-law school readers, is actually the lowest court in the New York state court system) recently ruled in one part of Marist University’s lawsuit against Matt Brady, former men’s basketball coach at Marist, and his new employer James Madison University.  Brady left Marist to coach […]

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MMA Agent Ken Pavia Sued by UFC

MMA’s biggest agent (and SAB interviewee), Ken Pavia along with the up-start Bellator fighting promotion have been sued by UFC parent company, Zuffa LLC. The suit alleges that Pavia passed along trade secrets and confidential Zuffa documents to upstart MMA promotion Bellator. Zuffa believes that Bellator used these documents to help run their business. Bellator […]

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Digging Deeper Into The Contractual Interference Claim

Yesterday, I discussed a cause of action for a sports agent who loses a client based on another agent’s interference in his contractual relations with a client.  As I assumed, the post has generated quite a bit of conversation on this site and also on social media sites like Twitter.  Jay Reisinger, a partner at […]

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Former Browns GM Files for Arbitration Against Browns

Former Cleveland Browns’ General Manager George Kokinis has filed for arbitration against the team for his November 2 firing. His claim includes accusations of breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation. Kokinis is seeking more than $4 million in damages and compensation. His claim centers on his belief that the Browns persuaded him into joining the […]

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Would Jordan Ever Wear Adidas Shoes?

Michael Jordan’s son, Marcus, is already causing commotion at the University of Central Florida.  According to the AP, the Freshman has  refused to wear the team’s Adidas brand shoes when he steps on the court this season.  Marcus will only rock his fathers Nike Air Jordan shoes because “it holds special meaning to his family.” […]