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Scott Boras’ Plan To Take Over The World (Series)

I am definitely not the first person to cover the story on sports agent, Scott Boras, lobbying the MLB to change the World Series format to a best of 9 series with the first 2 games played at a neutral site. I personally have held off on discussing the matter, because while it does include […]

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2007 MLB Amateur Draft Signing Bonuses

Justin Upton broke baseball barriers when he was selected #1 overall in 2005.  He received a whopping $6.1 million signing bonus for placing his name on the dotted line [New high MLB signing bonus].  A new Golden Age of baseball had arrived.  The 1994 strike was a distant memory and it seemed as though nothing […]

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Big Ass Roundup Of MLB’s New Labor Deal

The new labor deal that will extend to December 11, 2011 (mark it on your calendar) was completed and agreed upon at the end of October. Instead of reporting about it along the way, I decided to wait until the dust settled and many different sources made comments about the deal. This post will serve […]

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Not Quite Marriage

Between baseball players and their agents.  The only form of commitment that binds a player to a Sports Agent is an “agent authorization form,” which is completed once a year by each player, but can be discarded at any time during the year.  Any player can decide to have a different agent representing him/her for […]

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Incentive Clauses

From reader John Bristor: Scenario: Major League pitcher has a guarranted 1 yr contract with a no trade clause and performance bonuses based on number of games started. Pitcher and manager don’t get along, and Team A designates him for assignment, he clears waivers and is signed to a new contract by Team B at […]

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Regulations Governing Sports Agents

Being a student studying business I ask myself everyday: How is this lecture by this PhD relevant to my future life? The fact of the matter is that if you are aspiring to run your own business or manage a firm like a Sports Agency you will have to learn by doing. You can gain […]

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Want to be an MLB agent? (Part I…of many)

The sport that I am most interested in is baseball, but I do love all sports (except for hockey…which is more like a bloodbath with a puck that shuffles around on ice…I kid). Anyway, I figure that I will tackle the important aspects of the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) today and leave the […]

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A great piece on MLB option rules

The BP Guide to Transaction Rules. It is a little long, but these types of rules are good to understand if you are interested in being a knowledgable baseball Sports Agent. [tags]baseball, option[/tags]