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Where is the Grass Greener?

I attended a recent symposium at Manhattanville College where there was a discussion about the agent business in professional sports. One of the speakers was Art Weiss, the agent for Wayne Chrebet, Harry Carson and several other NFL players. Weiss said the grass was greener in baseball, meaning the financial rewards in baseball were far […]

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Keep Yourself Busy

I will be heading to Buloxi, Mississippi today (Sunday) until Wednesday evening on a gambling vacation with my father. It is kind of a nice way to lose $500 win $3,000 before I enter some place called law school in the fall. Thus, expect no posts from me until Thursday. However, if the lovely contributors […]

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Kruezer joins the Elite

Last week Elite Sports Properties secured the representation of Nothern Knights player Matthew Kreuzer. [Tonight’s loser may find white Knight] After recieving many calls, Kreuzer felt it was time to make a decision, and Elite Sports Properties, a full-service agency who manages stars including Robert Harvey, Nathan Buckley and one of Matthew’s idols (and number […]

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The Name Game: Audience Participation Required

Do ever get that feeling that an athlete should be promoting a product or service? Either the product’s name reminds you of the athlete or vice-versa? Maybe it’s just me and my sports business mindset. Anyway, I want to hear if anyone else thinks that there are products or services that are just screaming to […]

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An Eventful Way To Market Your Clients

Guest Contribution by Mandi Frishman, who works in the field of Meeting and Event Planning for (an undisclosed) major corporation: The search for new ways to differentiate your client can take a lot of time and energy away from pursuing other, more fruitful goals. There are certain tried and true strategies that work- the challenge […]

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Enter Another Conglomerate

Joel Segal’s Worldwide Football Inc. has been acquired by Blue Equity LLC. If you have ever heard of Joel Segal, it is probably because he is Reggie Bush’s agent for contractual negotiations with NFL teams. In the past, I may have even put some of the blame on Segal for not negotiating Bush in the […]

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Nelson-Cuban feud headed to arbitration?

Peter Waldman’s report today in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required) about the bitter relationship between Don Nelson, coach of the Golden St. Warriors, and his former boss and current owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, underscores the importance of contract law as it pertains to professional sports. Per the subject of numerous reports, […]

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Looks Like Rosenhaus Learned From Urlacher

When the Bears drafted Miami TE Greg Olsen at the end of the first round, ESPN showed live coverage of Olsen and his family and friends celebrating. I don’t think it was a coincidence that when the camera focused in on Olsen, he threw his arm up and had an unopened bottle of purple vitamin […]

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NFL Draft: Conduct Policy Ramifications

While you’re sitting at home this weekend with your bag of chips and six-pack, try not to be too surprised when you witness an unprecedented number of highly skilled players fall to lower draft positions (and even lower rounds). The NFL’s new conduct policy delivered harsh suspensions to Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry earlier […]

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Judd-gement Day

Superstar. That is the only way to describe Chris Judd. By far the best player in the AFL at the moment, it is hard to believe this guy is only 23 with an award list as long as this. So why the sudden fuss? Well, at the end of this season his contract with the […]