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Back so soon?

An interesting case has emerged in the Australian Football League (AFL) which may have repercussions worldwide. Mal Michael retired from the Brisbane Lions at the end of this season, with one year remaining on his contract. Thus, his one year was voided as he ended his career. Just yesterday, he announced that he has signed […]

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Would You Like a Cuban Cigar With That Pitcher?

Americans have been smuggling Cuban items into the country since the formation of the Cuban Embargo. The latest item: professional baseball players.  Gustavo “Gus” Dominguez has been charged for paying aides to illegally bring Cuban players to California with the end goal being that they get signed by MLB teams [Feds charge agent with smuggling […]

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No Tolerance Policy

This past Friday, Sports Agent Charles Taplin was arrested for trying to gain information about and contact student athletes at Louisiana State University [LSUPD charges ‘agent’ in WCA]. The arrest is for “violating a Louisiana law that regulates sports agents and their contact with athletes.” But the story gets worse. Travelle Gaines, an assistant strength […]

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Milwaukee: Beer & Sports

Tomorrow (Friday, October 6, 2006), the National Sports Law Institute will kick off its conference to cover Individual Performer Sports: Current Legal and Business Issues.  The entire conference will be held at Marquette University in Alumni Memorial Union, #36.  Attendance counts for 8 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits hours.  You only need to worry about […]

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Analysis of “Maybe Jerry Maguire Should Have Stuck With Law School: How The Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act Implements Lawyer-Like Rules For Sports Agents”

This post is officially crowned as having the longest title ever! Anyway, once again, hat tip to Sports Law Blog for contributing its Sports Law Scholarship program and finding a gem for this blog to post some analysis on. The Law Review article under discussion is called: Maybe Jerry Maguire Should Have Stuck With Law […]

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Agent or Advisor?

The Sports Law Blog made a post on July 24th highlighting Phil Kessel’s (hockey player at University of Minnesota) contract negotiations with the Boston Bruins. An agent by the name of Wade Arnott is serving as an advisor instead of as an agent. He is not receiving any money for his services as an advisor, […]

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Alabama is Serious about Agent Regulations

Since the post made about the UAAA (Uniform Athlete Agents Agent) on January 6th, one new state has passed the act, making it 34 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S Virgin Islands as adherents. Alabama is one of those states. Section 8-26A-4 of Alabama’s state act under the UAAA says: (a) Except as […]

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Some Sports Law Rules

While catching up on some of the posts in the blogs I most commonly read, I stumbled across two excellent articles from the Sports Law Blog: New Sports Law Program at FCSL & Breaking Into the Sports Law Industry How Do I get a Job in Sports Law? (Continued) In an effort to summarize both […]

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UAAA Contract Question

I forgot that reader Sokki Chen asked me two questions for a long time, but somehow remembered today that I never got around to answering the 2nd question. If you are interested in reviewing the post that I made concerning Sokki’s first question, Can Olympic/Student Athletes Obtain Endorsements?, you may do so by clicking the […]

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Can Olympic/Student Athletes Obtain Endorsements?

We love our readers. Especially when they make comments on this blog and send e-mails with questions or compliments. Reader, Sokki Chen asks: How would the UAAA be applied to an Olympic athlete who is also a NCAA student athlete. If (s)he wants to hire an agent to negotiate deals for certain appearances prior/after the […]