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Jim Bowden Discusses Boras’ Negotiating Power; Disregard For NCAA Rules?

The 2011 MLB First-Year Player Draft officially began last night.  One round and Comp Round A is in the books; rounds two through fifty still remain (along with Comp Round B).  Many top picks are advised by Scott Boras, including #1 overall pick Gerritt Cole, Anthony Rendon, Bubba Starling, Alex Meyer, Brian Goodwin, and Josh […]


Corking The Cam Newton Loophole, A Sweeping Suggestion

I am happy to announce that the article I co-authored with Jeffrey F. Levine titled, “Corking the Cam Newton Loophole, a Sweeping Suggestion,” has been published in Volume 2, Number 2 of the Harvard Journal of Sports & Entertainment Law.  Jeff and I wrote the article after Auburn Tigers’ All-American quarterback Cam Newton was accused […]

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“Pay Me Thousands Of Dollars And I’ll Get You A College Scholarship”

If you cut through all the bull, this is essentially what college recruiting firms are saying. Companies like College Prospects of America, National College Scouting Association, and Cardinal Sports Management do all but guarantee a college scholarship for high school athletes in return for a substantial sum of money. The services these firms perform seems […]

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James Paxton’s College Baseball Career Is Over

James Paxton‘s fight with the NCAA brings out everything I hate about organized sports.  When it becomes all about money, power, and respect, people suffer.  Those, like Paxton, who do nothing illegal, unethical, nothing out of hatred or spite, but still get punished, show the problems that may exist in organized sport.  When institutions grow […]

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2 on 2: Sam Keller and Ed O’Bannon vs. NCAA and CLC (with EA on the bench)

The time has come.  I have read article after article and received tweet after tweet about a couple of high profile lawsuits against the NCAA and Collegiate Licensing Company (one also includes Electronic Arts as a defendant), so it’s time to stop collecting tabs on my Firefox browser and address some of the issues involved […]

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World Series Sleaze

Sticking to the theme of baseball (it is MLB Amateur Draft week, after all), could a sports agent be blamed for Oklahoma State’s downfall in this year’s College World Series? It would be too easy to just place blame for an entire team losing a game directly on an agent, but could sleaziness have gone […]

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Agent or Advisor?

The Sports Law Blog made a post on July 24th highlighting Phil Kessel’s (hockey player at University of Minnesota) contract negotiations with the Boston Bruins. An agent by the name of Wade Arnott is serving as an advisor instead of as an agent. He is not receiving any money for his services as an advisor, […]