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Breaking Down Sports Illustrated’s Fortunate 50

Every year, Sports Illustrated publishes its Fortunate 50, which highlights the top earning athletes in the United States (SI separately produces the International 20).  This year’s Fortunate 50 is led by Floyd Mayweather, Jr., who took in $85 million from two fights and zero endorsements.  The phrase “boxing is dead” clearly does not apply in Mayweather’s case (prize […]

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Boras Corp. And Legacy Sports Boast Strong 2010/11 Offseasons

Last week, speculated as to which baseball agency had the biggest offseason, which Tim Dierkes defined as the period between October 1, 2010 – April 30, 2011.  Adrian Gonzalez signed a mega-contract worth $154 million, and over the past couple of weeks, he has been earning every penny of that deal (while destroying me […]

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Insanity in the Nation’s Capital: Is Jayson “Werth” $126 Million?

A lot of money was spent in Washington on Sunday, just not in the typical way. Admittedly, I haven’t done a great job on posting here in recent months. But sometimes a story will come along that screams out to me, and I feel obligated to write about it. The signing of Jayson Werth to […]