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Jonesin’ for some A-Rod

I am going to go ahead and throw something out there that I doubt will be viewed favorably by most of the Sports Agent Blog’s readers. America’s fascination with sports is severely sick and twisted. Set fire to the stake, assemble the tar and feathers and send me straight to the guillotine, for I have […]

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Bigger, Stronger, Faster

It sounds like a part of a Kanye West song, but it isn’t. On May 30, in select theaters in New York and Los Angeles, you will have a chance to watch Bigger, Stronger, Faster: The Side Effects of Being American (click here for play dates and theaters). It is documentary about how a family […]

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New study raises questions about drug testing

Spend any amount of time reading the sports section these days and you’re sure to find another star athlete embroiled in some sort of performance enhancing drug related allegation. Track? Baseball? Football? Nascar? Pick your poison. The issue has so permeated the sporting world that not only has Congress felt the need to get involved, […]