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Athletes Premier International, Inc. v. Hendricks Sports Management

If you are not aware that Aroldis Chapman, the high profile pitching prospect who recently defected from Cuba had switched from Athletes Premier International to the Hendricks Brothers, read this story before going forward. As is the norm with most news stories these days, this one started with a few tweets.  They were courtesy of […]

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Cuban Defectors Affect Their Agents

Cuba is known for producing remarkable talent on the diamond.  Its players are followed by every single MLB organization, and many agents dream about getting their hands on the next Cuban-born prospect.  Recently, the baseball world has been caught up with what team Cuba’s most recent defector, Aroldis Chapman, will sign with.  Chapman is just […]

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Aroldis Chapman’s Agency Up To Shady Business?

For the past 48 hours, I have been debating whether or not I should actually make this post.  Then, after talking to a few people, they woke me up and made me realize that I actually had absolutely no choice.  If I did not write this post, I would be going against what this site […]

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The Chapman Information Embargo Has Been Slightly Lifted

Immediately after I reported on the tweets sent out on Edwin Mejia’s Twitter account, many of the controversial tweets were deleted.  Mejia is the CEO of Athletes Premier International, a brand new sports agency that sprouted up overnight, once Aroldis Chapman defected from the Cuban National Team and selected Mejia as his representative.  Mejia not […]