Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (12/5/2015)

I hope everyone had a tremendous Thanksgiving and the long weekend that came with it. This weekend, I am excited to be in the wedding party for one of my best friends. Then, on Monday, I am off to Oregon for a while to visit Nike headquarters, followed by another wedding, and then Vancouver to […]

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Entertainer Marc Anthony Ventures Into Sports

Rapper and business mogul, Jay-Z, seems to have paved the way for entertainers to test their hand in the sports representation world. Actor, musician and producer, Marc Anthony, announced on Monday that he has created Magnus Sports to represent baseball players. According to an article by Ken Rosenthal, the company will focus on working with Latin […]

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Former Hendricks Sports Agent Rodney Fernandez Charged With Grand Theft

According to Tweets by Melissa Segura of Sports Illustrated, Rodney Fernandez has been charged with grand theft based on allegations that he stole money from Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim first baseman, Kendry Morales.  More specifically, it is based on an allegation that Fernandez is linked to $300,000 magically disappearing from Morales’ bank account.  Fernandez […]

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Thank Andy Miller And Keith Glass For Bringing Back The Interference With Contractual Relations Tirade

It is tough to find anybody in the sports agent profession who has not talked about Howard Beck’s New York Times story titled, Tampering Leads to Rare Penalty Against Agent.  It is not such a hot topic because someone was actually convinced that an agent knowingly recruited another agent’s client.  It was newsworthy because an […]

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Sports Agents Interfering With Contractual Relations

Ever since I first thought about entering this industry, one thing I have been told time and time again by those within and outside of the athlete representation business is that sports agents never sleep.  It’s not that they are working 24/7, it is that they are so worried that their best clients will be […]

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Hendricks Sports Management Finds Itself In A Big Mess

Randal Hendricks, Alan Hendricks, and Hendricks Sports Management, received some press they were not looking for when the public found out that Hendricks Sports Management was being sued by Edwin Mejia and Athletes Premier International (API) on a claim that Hendricks Sports Management tortiously interfered with API’s representation of Aroldis Chapman, prior to Chapman leaving […]

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Scott Boras Loses One, Gains One, In Busy Weekend

Busy weekends is the norm over at Scott Boras Corp. headquarters.  This past weekend was no exception.  Scott Boras has been busy playing with the media concerning Johnny Damon negotiations, but he also had a client fire him and subsequently was hired by a different professional player. Johnny Damon is not the only Scott Boras […]

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Chapman Goes to the Reds

In a previous article, I predicted that Aroldis Chapman would go to the Angels or at least another big market club. I was wrong. Chapman signed with the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday for 6 years and $30.25 million. Apparently the Reds had been “going after him like crazy” according to a source. The December 15th […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (1/1/2010)

This is the first Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up of the new year.  The column is one of the favorites for readers and there is no threat of it leaving.  However, I was close to scrapping it for this week.  I had collected a great number of interesting stories, only to have my browser crash yesterday.  […]

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My Aroldis Chapman Prediction

Former Athletes Premier International client and current Hendricks Sports Management client, Aroldis Chapman, threw a bullpen session last Wednesday in Houston. Fifteen teams attended. The teams in attendance were the Astros, Marlins, Angels, Nationals, Yankees, Red Sox, Orioles, Pirates, Reds, Royals, Phillies, Cubs, Mariners, Rangers, and Mets. Chapman threw two five minute sessions, throwing mainly […]