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Wayne Huizenga’s Political Statement

One week away from elections.  I have already submitted my ballot (via absentee ballot).  Whether you vote for McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden, or another ticket, just make sure that you go out and vote next Tuesday.  Let your voice be heard.  Many athletes and a few agents have announced their intentions well before voting day.  The sports […]


Athletes (Obama) vs. Owners (McCain)

Our political research at reveals that many professional athletes support Barack Obama.  In fact, athletes are coming out in an unprecidented fashion, publicly announcing their support for the Democratic candidate.  The King endorses Obama, Greg Oden has shown his support for Barack, Tiger Woods is on the Obama bandwagon, and agent Leigh Steinberg started […]

Endorsements NBA Players

The King Endorses Obama

For a long time now, LeBron James has tried to stay out of the spotlight when it comes to politics.  Although James has been shining bright in the media ever since entering the league, he has been rather dull when it comes to his affiliations with politics and other support groups (much like Tiger Woods […]