Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

At home this weekend against The Citadel, away next week against FSU, and then the SEC Championship vs. Alabama.  Can the Florida Gators pull it off and return to the National Championship game?  If so, it will be in my backyard of Miami, Florida.  Dynasty is real happy about Dan Leatherman re-signing with the Nats.  […]

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Petitions To Play Overseas

When UnderArmour announced that its first basketball endorsement would be for Brandon Jennings, an American born kid who would go on to play his first professional game overseas, the final piece of the puzzle was in place to legitimize the overseas experiment.  No longer are we wondering whether players will go from the NBA to […]

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UnderArmour Enters Basketball

I briefly mentioned Brandon Jennings yesterday and then came to find out that the soon-to-be overseas youngster just signed a deal with UnderArmour.  Since right around the 2008 NBA Draft, I had heard rumors from many industry insiders about UnderArmour making a push into the basketball shoe market.  Derrick Rose’s name was mentioned as the […]

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Is It All About The Benjamins?

Brandon Jennings decided to go overseas to play for Pallacanestro Virtus Roma in the Italian league instead of going to Arizona.  Apparently he did not have the scores to play for U of A and additionally wanted to start making cash now instead of waiting a year.  Let’s make one thing clear, though: Jennings did not […]

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Arroyo Joins Others Overseas

Former Orlando Magic guard, Carlos Arroyo, has just signed a 3-year deal worth $15 million with Israeli basketball giant, Maccabi Tel-Aviv.  The contract has an opt-out clause, much like Brandon Jennings and Josh Childress maintain, which would allow them the option to leave each summer for another league (NBA). Since Brandon Jennings (the Arizona recruit) […]

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Brandon Jennings. Josh Childress. Who Is Next?

I have discussed it as a guest on various radio shows, have thrown the idea back and forth among my colleagues, and have written about it on this blog: Will going overseas to play basketball become more of a common occurrence among some of basketball’s great players? When foreign born players decide to stay overseas […]

Does Brandon Jennings Speak Italian? has been following the Brandon Jennings situation from the very beginning.  Our most recent posts, Jennings Sets Precedent, Heading Overseas and Brandon Jennings To Go Overseas…But Where?, explained the whole ordeal.  Brandon made more headlines this past week as he signed a contract with a foreign team.  Jennings has now set a precedent as the […]

Brandon Jennings To Go Overseas…But Where?

Everyone, including myself, has been all gung-ho Brandon Jennings going overseas for a year before playing in the NBA.  He will be sticking his middle finger up towards the NBA and its silly one-and-done rule and will have an opportunity to make a six-figure salary while his colleagues are playing for universities bound by rules […]


Jennings Sets Precedent, Heading Overseas

Darren recently penned an article titled, Brandon Jennings Is Done Before One that described the predicament 18-year-old Oak Hill graduate Brandon Jennings was faced with.  Jennings decision was then debated about Thursday on the Region Buzz radio show and has been a hot subject this week. Brandon Jennings was the best high school prospect in […]

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Brandon Jennings Is Done Before One?

If David Stern and the rest of the NBA Executives did not have a good enough reason to scrap the league’s one-year-out-of-high school requirement thus far, which I would heavily debate, the impetus for change is now right in front of our eyes.  If the NBA does not budge on its solid stance, then there […]