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Rudy Fernandez Happy About His Change To Arn Tellem

Back in April 2011, HoopsHype reported that Rudy Fernandez sent a termination letter to Andy Miller of ASM Sports and Spanish agency U1st Agency.  At the time, it was only known that Fernandez was signing with Spanish agent David Carro of Hoops Fair Play.  Soon thereafter, Fernandez also signed with Arn Tellem of Wasserman Media Group, which provided him with a strong international […]


Jennings Sets Precedent, Heading Overseas

Darren recently penned an article titled, Brandon Jennings Is Done Before One that described the predicament 18-year-old Oak Hill graduate Brandon Jennings was faced with.  Jennings decision was then debated about Thursday on the Region Buzz radio show and has been a hot subject this week. Brandon Jennings was the best high school prospect in […]