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Schackman’s 2009 NFL Mock Draft – Part 1

With the Super Bowl out of the way it’s now time to focus on the next biggest event: The NFL Draft. 1. Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford (QB, Georgia) -Stafford is the only player that makes sense here for the Lions. As crazy as it sounds the Lions do have some weapons on offense. Now they […]

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Westbrook Signs, Falls In Love With France

Can’t wait to see what the Brian Westbrook contract looks like.  We are talking about a guy who is being talked about as being a potential number two overall pick in many fantasy football drafts this year.  He is already on his third agent since joining the NFL and seems to like his new agent […]

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Think You Are Not Disposable? Think Again

As an agent in a professional sport, you must count your blessings every night and hope that your current clients do not ditch you for the hundreds of hungry agents working while you sleep.  There are more agents out there than potential clients (at least ones that will make you any money), and most players […]