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United Football League Player Contract Update

Update (7:18 a.m. 4/14/2011): Very late last night, the UFL scrapped the reserve list idea.  However, teams had spent the last 2 days putting together such lists under the assumption that they would become effective today.  In any case, it will not become a reality…at least for the meantime. Update (5:17 p.m. 4/14/2011): The UFL […]

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Even Daunte Culpepper Needs Help

It’s been a nice run for Daunte Culpepper.  Or has it?  Culpepper has long subscribed to a policy of negotiating his own contracts, talking to NFL teams on his own behalf, and keeping the 1-3% he would have otherwise payed an NFLPA agent.  It was almost three years ago when I claimed that Culpepper could […]

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Culpepper Retiring from the NFL

Daunte Culpepper announced on Wednesday morning that he would be retiring from football at the age of 31. Culpepper announced his decision in an e-mail stating: “After taking a long look at my career and my personal convictions, I have decided to begin early retirement from the NFL effective immediately. Since the beginning of training […]