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Is Creative Artists Agency Unstoppable?

After reading the article I wrote yesterday on CAA’s acquisition of CSMG’s President, Henry Thomas, and all of his clients, I realized that I did not spend enough time talking about the implications of this move on the sports agent industry as a whole.  CSMG wis probably gone for good, but what exactly does it […]

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Albert Pujols: Cash Flow Under-Achiever

In many’s eyes, Albert Pujols is the best baseball player around and quite frankly, his numbers support that claim.  Pujols’ career statistics are superior  than many of the other players that hold down spots on the highest-paid list in the MLB; names such as Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Manny Ramirez, Derek Jeter and Carlos Beltran. […]

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Overrated Or Over Hated?

In a June issue of Sports Illustrated, MLB athletes were asked, “Whom would you pick to build a team around?”  The results showed Alex Rodriguez ranked first and Derek Jeter second.  In another issue printed a week later, SI surveyed 495 Major League Baseball players asking them, “Who was the most overrated baseball player?  Surprisingly, Derek Jeter was on […]

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WePlay…No, YouPlay…Without Me

When will the social network bubble burst? Has it already been popped? I do not really know anybody who uses any social friending site other than Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or possibly Plaxo, on a frequent basis. That surely has not deterred CAA, MLB Advanced Media, and a company called Pequot Ventures to form a new […]