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The Interference With Contractual Relations Conversation Continues

Had enough of the interference with contractual relations debate yet?  If so, skip this post.  If not, I have some more thoughts for you to ruminate about concerning the tort and how it may be applied to our industry. Based on the comments left on the two posts on SAB regarding this issue (Sports Agents […]

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People Involved In/Affected By LeBron James’ Decision

On May 4, the Chicago Bulls fired coach Vinny Del Negro.  Yesterday, the Cleveland Cavaliers fired coach Mike Brown.  There are a lot of rumors that the Miami Heat is thinking of replacing coach Erik Spoelstra.  The Bulls have reached out to Phil Jackson, the Heat may be thinking of bringing back Pat Riley, and […]

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NBA Draft Virgins: Odell McCants & Kim Grillier

Now that the deadline has passed for early entries who were testing the waters to either remain in the draft or go back to school, I like to go through the early entry list and look for agent names that surprise me near the top of the list.  I already wrote a post about my […]

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Is Creative Artists Agency Unstoppable?

After reading the article I wrote yesterday on CAA’s acquisition of CSMG’s President, Henry Thomas, and all of his clients, I realized that I did not spend enough time talking about the implications of this move on the sports agent industry as a whole.  CSMG wis probably gone for good, but what exactly does it […]

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Is CSMG Something Of The Past?

What do Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Devin Harris, Udonis Haslem, Dee Brown, Anthony Parker, Ronnie Brewer, Michael Finley, Shaun Livingston, Quinton Ross, Denham Brown, Marcus Taylor, Loukas Mavrokefalidis, and Marcellus Sommerville all have in common?  Their primary agent is Henry Thomas, formerly of CSMG.  This weekend, it was reported (via Twitter) that Thomas will be […]

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Octagon Acquires Bulk Of CSMG

A little over a year ago, I reported on the internal struggles over at CSMG headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.  The company was spending a lot of money being on projects that had not yet amounted to anything worthwhile and the company was split over whether to focus more on contractual negotiations or marketing deals.  Meanwhile, […]