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Seattle Seahawks Deaf Player Derrick Coleman Inspires NFL Draft Hopeful, Adham Talaat

Seattle running back/fullback Derrick Coleman (pictured above) isn’t normally one of the more recognizable players on the Super Bowl-bound Seahawks.  Yet, the deaf Coleman has recently gained national attention following a newly-released Duracell commercial featuring the Los Angeles native. For defensive lineman Adham Talaat of Gallaudet University — who is also deaf — Coleman serves as […]

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Contract Clause For Stupidity

Teams may decide to put something like that in their next contracts for players like Brandon Marshall and Derrick Coleman (who at least got injured in retirement). Like many other washed up (see: Emmitt Smith) and current athletes (see: Jason Taylor), Derrick Coleman thought he could boost his publicity and make some cheddar by appearing […]