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NCAA Clarifies Social Networking Rules For Agents

The NCAA took notice of a recent popular post on this blog: Coaches Can Talk To Athletes On Twitter/FB. What About Agents? Not only was the post published, but I tried reaching out to the NCAA on Twitter to answer the question.  A week and a half went by with absolutely no communication, and then […]

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Coaches Can Talk To Athletes On Twitter/FB. What About Agents?

The NCAA has formally approved the use of Twitter for recruiting purposes.  This is definitely big news for college coaches, who will use Twitter to sent direct messages to high school recruits.  But what about agents?  Agents are bound by strict NCAA regulations that prohibit contact with a student athletes until a certain point of […]

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Should You Hire A Social Media Consultant?

As more and more athletes and their agents begin to accept social media devices, professional leagues are also gaining a strong presence on the social networking sites.  However, whereas the athletes are publicly posting information that is widely disseminated to a large audience of followers, the various leagues have decided to create much different identities […]