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Ticket Sales And The Business Of The NFL

The following is a guest contribution by Zakari A. Kurtz, Esq. Zak received his undergraduate degree from Roanoke College and his J.D. from Michigan State University. Zak is licensed to practice law in New York. With only eight home games for each NFL team, tickets can be scarce and the laws of supply and demand […]

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Neymar’s Transfer Highlights Cloudy World Of Third Party Ownership

Soccer star Neymar, the most marketable athlete in the world, has just transferred to European powerhouse Barcelona. The 21 year-old has left Brazilian based club Santos in a reported €57m deal. Though the move is not so clear cut. A common practice for soccer players in Brazil is the selling of their economic rights. This […]

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How Football Agents Get Their Clients More Money

ESPN NFL Business Analyst, Andrew Brandt, knows himself some football.  Not only was he formerly Vice President of Player Finance and General Counsel of the Green Bay Packers for roughly a decade, he also was a well known football agent at one point in his life.  Thus, when he opines about football agency related matters, it is […]

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Internship Opportunity with Business Arena Football Management

Business Arena Football Management is looking for a summer intern to work on internet branding including, but not limited to: website design overhaul, social media management, search engine optimization and client social media management. It is an unpaid internship, but Business Arena will comply with all class credit requirements and provide recommendations. Please send resumes […]

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Scoop Jackson Misses The Mark On His “African American Agent Epidemic” Article

Title an article, African-American agents, and us, and you are bound to grab my attention.  Last week, Scoop Jackson wrote that such article, which seemed to serve as his reaction to Luther Campbell’s recent column titled, Superagent Drew Rosenhaus should give back to Miami’s black communities, wherein Campbell said that Rosenhaus needs to give back […]

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Top 2012 NFL Draft Cornerback Morris Claiborne Signs With Bus Cook

Former LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson was selected #5 overall by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2011 NFL Draft.  In the 2012 NFL Draft, another LSU cornerback may be off the board within the first five picks.  Peterson was represented by a lesser known agent named Patrick Lawlor of Galaxy Sports.  This year’s star cornerback from LSU, Morris Claiborne, […]

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On To The Next One: Beanie Wells (Part II)

It feels like just yesterday that Chris “Beanie” Wells donned the scarlet and gray of THE Ohio State University.  It also feels like just yesterday that Wells was signed to DeBartolo Sports.  But back in October 2010, Wells switched from DeBartolo to Drew Rosenhaus of Rosenhaus Sports Representation (RSR).  At the time, it seemed like quite a trend; […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (1/20/2012)

Leigh Steinberg, a main influence for the character “Jerry Maguire,” recently filed for bankruptcy protection.  The video, above, is Steinberg’s first video interview since filing for bankruptcy protection.  How ’bout the Miami Heat?  It was a thrill to see them destroy the Los Angeles Lakers last night without the help of Dwyane Wade.  The big […]

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61 Underclassmen Soft-Declare For 2012 NFL Draft

If three years have passed since a college football player’s high school class graduated, he is officially eligible to declare for the NFL Draft.  Typically, that rule provides redshirt Sophomores and true Juniors the opportunity to leave school early and test their luck with NFL teams. Players who are interested in declaring for the NFL […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (1/6/2012)

Welcome to 2012!  I hope all of you are still sticking to your New Years resolutions.  My personal resolutions are to stop biting my nails, stop cracking my knuckles, smile more often, and cut out some red meat from my diet.  Huge news yesterday with the announcement of Lagardère Unlimited acquiring Gaylord Sports Management Group.  It […]