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Could Basic Accounting Assistance Have Hedged Risk Of Marlins Players Traded To The Blue Jays?

Common questions from individuals who wish to be sports agents include, (1) should I go to law school? and/or (2) should I get a masters degree in sports management? A much less frequent question asks whether one on a “sports agent track” should seek an accounting degree or at least seek the help of one […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (10/12/2012)

Baseball games are becoming exciting, the NFL progresses toward the middle of the regular season, and basketball is about to start.  This is always a great time of year for sports fans.  Unfortunately, the NHL and NHLPA have not yet come to terms on a new deal, the players remain locked out, and games are […]

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Jeff Berry Wants An MLB Rule Change After Buster Posey Hit

Last week, San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey broke a bone in his lower left leg when he was hit by Florida Marlins’ Scott Cousins at home plate.  Posey was blocking the plate in the 12th inning as Cousins reached home, hoping to score the go-ahead run and earn a victory for his team.  In […]

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On To The Next One: Zack Greinke

Prior to this past weekend, Zack Greinke was represented by baseball powerhouse SFX.  Many believe that Greinke was frustrated with being “stuck” in Kansas City, and made a switch to a new agency with the hope that it would possibly cause the Royals organization to move him to a new team.  Greinke switched to Jeff […]

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Arbitrators May Break Corey Hart

Today marks the first day of actual baseball arbitration hearings.  Of the 44 players that exchanged salary figures with their organizations, 32 of them have come to an agreement, leaving 12 with the potential of going all the way to a hearing in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Most of those players will likely sign for a […]

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Boras Loses A Couple Of Danks’

While I was sifting through the names of players drafted from the 5th to 25th round of this year’s MLB Amateur Draft, a few names stood out to me. Some caught my eye because I had talked to them previously about potentially serving as their advisor and others had last names that just clicked in […]