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Albert Pujols Agent Leaves Beverly Hills Sports Council

After Ryan Howard signed a 5-year, $125 million extension, many people in the industry started saying that Albert Pujols next contract will be worth $30 million per year…maybe even more.  How much will the St. Louis Cardinals, or another MLB team, pay the best player in baseball? Pujols agent, Dan Lozano, probably dreams about it […]

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Dennis Gilbert May Buy The Rangers

The Texas Rangers are for sale.  Creditors want their money and owner Tom Hicks is giving in.  Right now, there are three groups that have revealed interest in making the purchase, including Dennis Gilbert, who is currently a special assistant to the owner of the Chicago White Sox.  He is also a Senior Partner at […]

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Desi Relaford Bashes Beverly Hills Sports Council

Earlier this week, Jimmy Scott’s High & Tight interviewed former MLB player, Desi Relaford.  Jimmy gave me a tip to check it out because the topic turned to Desi’s agents.  Instead of listening to the long clip, I started in that particular area of conversation, which begins around the 27 minute mark. Desi originally signed […]

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Update on the Pirates’ Indian Hurlers

Back in November, I wrote about the Pittsburgh Pirates global recruiting effort, especially the pickup of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, contestants in India’s “Million Dollar Arm” reality TV contest.  While their future within the Pirates’ organization is still unknown, Darren Rovell reported on Monday with updates to their story.  When I mentioned last time […]

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Pittsburgh Pirates going Global

Guest contribution by loyal reader and current Q2 intern, Michael Goldman. Real pirate ships aren’t the only pirates in the news for their global endeavors anymore.  Recently, the Pittsburgh Pirates have made additions to their club from around the globe, including Monday’s signing of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel from India, and the South African […]

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Baseball And Money

The owners and GMs are crying for help while the agents are saying that the sport may benefit from a hurting economy.  Who should you believe?  On one hand, guys like Jeff Borris of Beverly Hills Sports Council are quoted as saying, “If you examine history, during the worst economic times, people spend whatever they […]

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The Cost Of Collusion

If it smells like collusion, and it looks like collusion, minus it not tasting like collusion, it probably is collusion.  At least that is what Jeff Borris, Barry Bonds’ agent, has been preaching for a while now.  And it finally seems like the MLBPA is going to take up Barry’s cause.  Well…eventually.  While the MLBPA […]

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At Least You Can’t Say That Borris Isn’t Trying

Jeff Borris, the agent of record for Barry Bonds, is nothing short of persistent.  Even though Bonds has not received a Major League deal from any teams, Borris continues to put his client’s name in the paper and has no problem expressing his displeasure in the lack of interest in Bonds.  Borris most recently attempted […]

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Cries of Collusion

With the today’s Major League baseball trade deadline looming, Barry Bonds is still a free agent.  Yes, Barry Bonds, possibly the greatest player of our generation, if not the greatest player in the history of Major League Baseball, cannot find work.  Bonds led the major leagues last year with a .480 O.B.P., a 1.045 O.P.S. and […]

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Independent League Teams May Not Even Want Bonds

Quote from the Mercury News: “[Barry Bonds] has nothing to prove there,” Jeff Borris told the Associated Press. “He doesn’t need to go to an independent team and hit two home runs a night hoping to get attention to prove that he still has the skills that would warrant him playing at the major league […]