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Dynasty Fall 2010 Internship Information

This is a guest post from Dynasty HR Director, Justin Herzig. Halfway through June, and the 2010 Summer Internship Program at Dynasty is going great. Our interns are hard at work researching, analyzing, and doing everything possible to make it a better tomorrow for Dynasty’s clients. They still have a couple months to go in […]

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Giving flopping another chance

Guest contribution by Dynasty Athlete Representation summer intern, Justin Herzig. When Googling the phrase “flopping in the NBA,” nearly every link that pops up leads to an article or blog criticizing flopping. Just about all the articles have one of two purposes: either to explain why flopping is happening or to complain about how flopping […]

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Dynasty’s Summer Intern Class Has Been Selected

The emails have been delivered, and just like last time, it is very tough for me to look back at some of the names of the people who unfortunately will not be able to become part of the Dynasty family at this time. Last time around, I only had to deal with calling five candidates […]