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Scott Boras Criticized For Overplaying His Hand With Free Agent Clients This Offseason

Outfielder Michael Bourn, right-hand pitcher Kyle Lohse and closer Rafael Soriano all have something in common – each is currently stuck on the free agent market.  Another commonality between the trio is that they are represented by Scott Boras of Boras Corp.  And in a recent New York Daily News article, Bill Madden wonders whether Boras has “overplayed his hand” […]

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On To The Next One: Michael Bourn

While Nick Swisher did not sign Scott Boras (he ended up going to Dan Lozano), Michael Bourn has made the move to Boras Corp.  Bourn was previously represented by SFX.  Prior to SFX, Bourn was represented by Beverly Hills Sports Council.  Some guys really have a problem picking an agent and sticking with him. Boras […]