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Football Agents Sued By Recruiter For Not Paying Him Off

There is a belief that many football agents use other individuals (oftentimes referred to as “runners”) to assist them in the recruitment of potential NFL player clientele. In fact, the NFL Players Association has recognized same as being an issue and in 2012 amended its regulations to prohibit certified Contract Advisors from using, associating with, […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (10/17/2014)

Well I officially dismiss football from everything in my life.  The Florida Gators and Miami Dolphins proved their inability to win when it matters and choked in the final seconds of their respective games.  What is the cure?  Hopefully a weekend of golfing will help.  This week on FORBES: (1) Sports-Specific Crowdfunding Concept Created For Athletes […]

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Catching Up With Symmetry’s 2012 NFL Class

A new agency named Symmetry was established in the past year.  Mook Williams, an attorney, is the President of Symmetry.  Joining him is Brian McLaughlin as Vice President, who used to work at National Sports Management with Williams.  They are proud to announce the following players as the company’s inaugural class: WR Marcus Rivers, Buffalo.  6’3 / 220 pound receiver with […]