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ICYMI: Rosenhaus Sports Dominates NFL Free Agency

Drew Rosenhaus, his brother Jason and the rest of Rosenhaus Sports Representation is having a record year. In the first week of free agency, Rosenhaus Sports negotiated $270 million worth of contacts. Drew Rosenhaus, veteran NFL agent since 1988, said “It’s the most we’ve ever done in a week” speaking about his tremendous success thus […]


NFL Free Agency Predictions 2016

There is a great looking cast of free agents on the way for the 2016 offseason, which ones will actually make it to free agent waters though, is a different matter altogether. Most of the biggest names on the list are on highly successful teams, so leaving for more money but a worse franchise, may […]

Friday Wrap-Up Headline

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (3/13/15)

This week marked the start of the NFL new league year, as well as free agency, and it did not disappoint. In my opinion, this was the most active free agency, with many top players being moved, that I have ever seen. Drew Rosenhaus certainly enjoyed the week as he had more clients signed than […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (3/5/2010)

It sure is nice to be back in South Florida for a semi-extended period of time.  I will be down here until March 14, when I start the last month of my life as a college student.  Law school is so close to being over, but even after I graduate, I will never stop learning. […]

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What’s The NFL Free Agency Word?

Here are some deals that caught my eye over the past week: Alvin Keels and Joel Segal got DeAngelo Hall $54 million ($22.5 million guaranteed) in a 6-year deal with the Redskins. The Redskins have already spent a lot not only on Hall, but also on Albert Haynesworth.  Chad Speck got his client a 7-year […]

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It’s Drew Rosenhaus’ (Extra) Busy Season

In terms of Bernard Berrian, Lance Briggs and their respective deals these past few days, agent Drew Rosenhaus is batting .500. In their 2008 NFL Free Agency Preview, listed Bernard Berrian (pictured) right behind Randy Moss in their Top Wide Receivers On The Market list, noting that although Berrian has yet to notch a […]