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What Does Penn State D-I Hockey Mean for College Hockey?

In news that officially broke this past Friday, September 17th, Penn State will officially add Division I hockey to its lineup of collegiate athletics.  The announcement brings both a men’s and women’s program to the Nittany Lions’ athletic department and adds to the number of D-I college hockey programs in Pennsylvania, which currently includes Mercyhurst […]

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How Can the NHL Improve the Winter Classic?

With the NHL playoffs underway, the League office is already planning for next season.  As far as the yearly business of the NHL goes, arguably nothing is bigger than the annual Winter Classic.  According to recent reports, the 4th annual Winter Classic will take place at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA, home of the NFL’s […]

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What Exactly is the “Spirit of the CBA”?

In June, I wrote an article describing the future implications of the “decade deal” as I called it, on the National Hockey League. A player typically signs a deal longer than ten years for tens of millions of dollars. There are elements of risk and reward for each side. The team gets the player signed […]

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The Decade Deal: What It Means for the NHL

Just prior to the start of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Johan Franzen signed an 11 year, $43 million contract with the Detroit Red Wings. Franzen’s new contract was the latest in a series of extremely long-term contracts that have been signed by a number of National Hockey League players in the past 18 months. […]