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The Business of Football: Rookie Edition Agenda

At the end of May, the NFL cancelled its yearly rookie symposium, which is open to all players selected in that year’s NFL Draft.  Historically, topics discussed at the symposium have included financial planning, indoctrination into the NFL, and how to be a professional on and off the field.  But then the NFL Players Association […]

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Law and Order

It’s been some time since I’ve last posted an article, but this couldn’t have been a better time for me to vent. In light of the recent happenings with athletes and their run ins with the law, I have come to the simple conclusion that the U.S legal system is an absolute joke. I know […]

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Rosenhaus Picks Up Plax’s Fumble, Sort Of

At halftime of the Monday Night Football game between the Texans and the Jaguars three weeks ago, Drew Rosenhaus was given the opportunity to speak live about his client, Plaxico Burress‘ most recent legal situation.  Rosenhaus did his usual clean up job, answering only the questions that he seemed to feel would help his client, […]

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Book Review: GIANT

Right after the Miami Dolphins (I forgot to mention that I sat behind Don Shula on my way to Jacksonville for a business meeting this Tuesday), my favorite team is the New York Giants.  I went wild at Club ESPN in Disney World when the Giants had the miraculous fourth quarter that ended up knocking […]