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Taking In The Arbitration Offers And Acceptances

Now that you are all prepped for next week’s Rule 5 Draft, let’s discuss what recently transpired between arbitration eligible players and their teams.  This year, 27 players were offered arbitration (4 more than last year), and only 2 players accepted (1 less than last year).  Last year’s players to accept were Rafael Betancourt, Rafael Soriano, […]

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Warming Up For The 2010 Rule 5 Draft

Next week, top level executives from every Major League organization will congregate in Orlando, Florida for the Rule 5 Draft, which traditionally occurs at the end of the Baseball Winter Meetings.  This year’s Rule 5 Draft will go down on December 9.  As a quick refresher, here are the basics of the Rule 5 Draft: […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (11/19/2010)

Let’s call it a wrap on the Florida Gators football season.  It’s too bad we can’t call it a wrap on this Cameron Newton mess.  It’s like Brett Favre coverage, but with something that actually matters.  At some point, though, enough is enough.  Today is the deadline for MLB teams to set their 40 Man […]

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November 19 – 40 Man Roster Deadline

Friday, November 19, is the deadline for Major League Baseball teams to finalize their 40 Man Rosters leading up to the Baseball Winter Meetings and the Rule 5 Draft.  Many players will be “protected” on their organization’s 40 Man Roster in the final hour leading up to the deadline, as a preventative measure, so that […]

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Making A Case For Clint Robinson

Let me preface the following bullet points by saying that I am in no way suggesting that Clint Robinson starts next season on an MLB roster.  In all likelihood, the Kansas City Royals will be protecting Robinson on their 40-man roster by the middle of November 2010, preventing Robinson from being grabbed by another team […]

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Johnny Lujan Becomes A Part Of Dynasty

I would like to welcome a new member into the Dynasty family, a week after he and his wife welcomed a new child into their own family.  Johnny Lujan, a Triple A pitcher with the New York Mets, had his first child; a daughter named Eden Isabella Lujan.  We wish Johnny, his wife Erica, and […]