Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (5/22/09)

I am back up in lovely Gainesville, FL.  No matter if you are in Miami, Gainesville, or anywhere else in the state, you better get used to summer weather.  Blistering heat until 2-3 p.m., then at least a couple of hours of thunderstorms.  Such is life.  I am back to taking classes and working very […]

Contract Negotiation NFL Players NFL Teams

An Unfair Double Standard In The NFL?

Yesterday, Drew Rosenhaus tweeted, “Why is there so much controversy when a player who out-performs his contract asks for a increased deal? NFL teams release players everyday who have several years left on their contracts. It’s an unfair double standard that teams can cut players before they finish their deal.”  There is an easy answer […]