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Shirt Selling? – How the current financial crisis affects your client

Unless you’ve lived under a rock the last few weeks you would have seen that financial markets around the world are in wide state of volatility. As the US Government tries to flesh out a bailout plan to rescue some of the world’s biggest companies, it is a good time to take a look at […]

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Athlete Representation In China

Here in the United States, agents are used to taking 4-5% on MLB contracts, 3% on NFL contracts, 4% on NBA contracts, 5% on NHL contracts, and 10% from the teams if their clients play basketball overseas. Endorsement takes usually are around 15-20%. Some athletes complain that the percentages handed off to agents for their […]

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Who Is Your Sponsor?

Who is Your Sponsor? (WYS) describes itself as “the premier website for fans of all sports and entertainment to research and find out what type of gear, food or swag their favorite athletes and entertainers use and endorse.” So when someone recently asked me what the deal was with that goofy little worm (below left) […]

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Book Review: Sports Marketing 2008

Every year, Richard K. Miller & Associates comes out with a collection of consumer-related market research studies. The most relevant study for our area of concern is their annual Sports Marketing assessment of the sports business in the U.S. The most recent publication is hot off the press and appropriately titled, Sports Marketing 2008. Sports […]