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Athlete Representation In China

Here in the United States, agents are used to taking 4-5% on MLB contracts, 3% on NFL contracts, 4% on NBA contracts, 5% on NHL contracts, and 10% from the teams if their clients play basketball overseas. Endorsement takes usually are around 15-20%. Some athletes complain that the percentages handed off to agents for their […]

The Wash Up

The Wash Up: 25

Auction: Part 2 Just when you thought all the Indian Premier League teams were finalized, they hold a second auction. Only a handful of International players were available this round. Of the 28 players, 14 were Under 19 Indian cricketers. The Under 19 players were chosen by a draft system. The most expensive player to […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

No, I’m not Darren. I’m not even Jewish. But I needed something to post on Friday. Following are some prominent pieces and sports headlines that we neglected to cover during the week. * Rick Karcher’s post, “Ethics and Agent Fees” over at Sports Law Blog (Happy 2000th Anniversary to them, by the way) touches on […]