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Book Review: The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live

For the second consecutive book review, I am discussing a book that has nothing to do with being a sports agent.  I promise that the next one on the list will be all the sports agent you can handle.  Anyway, I received The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live directly from author, Robert Tuchman.  […]

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Do Exclusive Sponsors and Marketers of Sporting Events Get Value for Money?

Definitions of the word ‘exclusive’ include ‘sole’, ‘complete’, ‘undivided’, ‘full’, ‘inimitable’ and ‘absolute’. Inherent in the meaning of ‘exclusive sponsorship’ is an (official) association with a sporting event, by an organization, at the exclusion of other organizations. Organizations that wish to obtain such affiliation with sporting events generally have to pay a lot of money […]

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Ownership of Sporting Events

English law does not recognize a proprietary right or interest in a sporting event per se. In other words, the event organizer is not automatically protected from a third party who may wish to exploit the event. In order to receive the required level of protection, the organizer will have to use various mechanisms of […]