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Agencies Not Only Representing Athletes

One common misperception of many of the largest sports agencies is that they only focus on, or even spend a majority of their time and earn most of their revenues through, the representation athletes in their contractual negotiations.  For instance, IMG, which was founded in 1960 as a company that focused on representing athletes, has evolved into […]

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Attaching Value To Your Social Media Presence

As of the moment that I am drafting this post, there are 88 sports agents/agencies being followed on The Master Twitter list of sports agents/agencies (if you read this site and you are not yet following this list, you need to get on it!).  While there are a few agents on Twitter who are not […]

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Is a Sport(s) Management Degree worth it?

After reading several articles about young people, especially college grads, attempting to break into the sports or entertainment industry, I have come to the conclusion that it may be more beneficial to pursue a degree in anything but Sport. In addition, through a conversation with a notable Athletic Director, I posed the question: Where are […]