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Matthew Kingsley Moves 3 Kings Entertainment Office To L.A.

Matthew Kingsley, CEO/Founder of on-air talent agency, 3 Kings Entertainment, has announced that he’s packing up the agency’s bags in D.C. and shipping them out to Hollywood. The decision comes on the tails of Kingsley’s wife, Jan Jeffcoat, ending a five-year broadcasting role at WUSA-TV in D.C. The duo and the agency will opt out […]

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RIP Ken Meyerson, President of Lagardère Unlimited Tennis

The entire sports agent and sports business community mourns the death of a respected individual who was at the top of Lagardère Unlimited’s tennis division at the time of his passing.  Ken Meyerson, best known for his representation of tennis stars including Andy Roddick, Justine Henin, Fernando Gonzalez, Mardy Fish, and many others, passed away late […]

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$200 Million Investment In Creative Artists Agency?

We all know about Lagardere’s recent purchase of Blue Entertainment Sports Television from the hands of private investment firm, Blue Equity.  Interestingly, BEST was not the only company looking for an infusion of cash and a potential exit from the world of representation, event management, and sports/entertainment marketing.  Juggernaut, Creative Artists Agency may also be […]

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Agencies Not Only Representing Athletes

One common misperception of many of the largest sports agencies is that they only focus on, or even spend a majority of their time and earn most of their revenues through, the representation athletes in their contractual negotiations.  For instance, IMG, which was founded in 1960 as a company that focused on representing athletes, has evolved into […]

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State Of The Sports Agent Industry

It was not all that long ago that IMG was known for its Client Management division, which included many talented athletes not named Tiger Woods.  Jonathan Blue was focused on investing in non-sports businesses and Creative Artists Agency (CAA) was known as one of the best Entertainment agencies in the world.  Today, IMG only manages […]

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NBA Draft Virgins: Odell McCants & Kim Grillier

Now that the deadline has passed for early entries who were testing the waters to either remain in the draft or go back to school, I like to go through the early entry list and look for agent names that surprise me near the top of the list.  I already wrote a post about my […]

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John Wall Signs With Dan Fegan And BEST

Since the end of this past college basketball season, the biggest draft question did not focus on whether someone would keep his name in the draft pool.  Instead, it was on who the future #1 overall pick, John Wall, would select as his representation leading up to the draft.  That person will pick up the […]

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Brandon Graham And Brandon Minor Put Their Trust In A Couple Of Friends

Yesterday, I received word that Joel Segal of Blue Equity Sports Television (BEST) has signed Brandon Graham and Brandon Minor. Both players just finished their senior seasons with the University of Michigan football team.  A 5-7 win/loss record is no flashy way to exit college football, but at least it was a better record than […]

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NFL Agent Recruitment Strategy

With Malcolm Jenkins coming to an agreement with the New Orleans Saints late Sunday night, the holdout party of 7 dropped to a smaller table of 6.  Those remaining unsigned, along with their representation are listed below: Aaron Curry, LB, Seattle Seahawks (4th overall pick) – Octagon Andre Smith, T, Cincinnati Bengals (6th overall pick) […]

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BEST Acquires The Services Of Lon Rosen

Lon Rosen was one of William Morris Agency’s favorites.  He had a long career as one of the head honchos at WMA, but like many of his colleagues, had the plug pulled on his career with the company when WMA recently joined forces with one of its rivals, Endeavor.  You could not have believed that […]