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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (8/24/2012)

My second year as a professor of Sport Agency Management at Indiana University officially began this past Tuesday.  I did not make the same mistake that I did last Fall of scheduling class for Monday nights (there’s some sort of program my students are interested in called “Monday Night Football”).  College football approaches, as does […]

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Tank Black Tanked For Not Making Restitution Payments

Back in 2009 I reviewed Tank Black’s book titled, Tanked! The Tank Black Story.  Black wrote the book roughly a year post-release from prison.  He found his way behind bars in July 2000 after being accused of stealing money from clients and illegally paying money to college players to induce them to sign with his company, along with […]

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Book Review: Tanked! The Tank Black Story

This Thanksgiving, Tank Black has a lot to be thankful for.  The one-time University of South Carolina football assistant coach and founder of a mega sports agency, Professional Management Incorporated (PMI), was released from prison a little over a year ago.  Today, he is still a free man and living, which he should be very […]