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Lagardère Unlimited Creates a Hockey Division Led By Terry Bross

Terry Bross has been Lagardère Unlimited’s Vice President of Baseball since the company he formerly worked at (Gaylord Sports Management) was acquired.  By way of adding Bross as an employee, Lagardère picked up star baseball clients such as Dan Uggla and Bronson Arroyo.  Now, Lagardère also has the opportunity to start a hockey division thanks to Bross, who was recently certified by the […]

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Is Providing A Porn Star To An MLB Player An Improper Inducement?

Earlier this week, the world was told that an MLB agent used porn star Bibi Jones, who’s work can be easily found on websites similar to, to assist him in the recruitment of potential clients. Just yesterday, the same journalist who broke the first story released the name of the agent. According to Tony […]