Do Your Clients Need A Wingman?

Not interested in sending your clients to Blackwater Worldwide for some good old fashioned firearm training?  What if you have highly controversial clients who like heading out to the clubs that may not be the best scenes for iced out necks and bling on the wrist?  Might want to call in a guy like Julian […]

Interview With The Agent

Interview With The Agent: BJ Armstrong

On the heels of an excellent interview with Leigh Steinberg, I was approached by a close friend of BJ Armstrong. The friend requested that I take the time to interview the 1989 first-round pick of the Chicago Bulls who later on became a basketball analyst for ESPN before landing his current job as an NBPA […]

Sports Agents

Follow Up To Interview With David Falk

A week ago, Darren Rovell interviewed sports agent David Falk. He discussed the constant corruption surrounding the sports agent profession and the overall devolving of the practice of representing athletes. A lot of media entities picked up on a particular part of Darren’s interview with Falk: Falk: …I wanted to meet a college player who […]

NBA Players Sports Agents

Early Rumor: Derrick Rose To Sign With Arn Tellem

Darren Rovell reports that Memphis standout Freshman guard, Derrick Rose, will sign with WMG agent, Arn Tellem. I recently discussed that NBA Early Entries will start to select agents right about now, and if Rose officially picks Tellem for representation, he will not disappoint. Well, at least he won’t disappoint me. I never thought that […]

Colleges NBA Players Sports Agents

Who Will Represent The 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions?

The Kansas Jayhawks and the Memphis Tigers are set to tip off the 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tonight at 9:21PM EST, and until that time, many newspapers and blogs will be writing about the two teams and their players, and contemplating which team that wears the color blue will come out victorious. One common […]